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Baghid - Eastern Visayas Young Visual Artists Association

The BAGHID Eastern Visayas Young Visual Artists Association, is an art organization comprised of young visual artists hailing from the different parts of Eastern Visayas, Philippines. Founded by Aristole R. Ventures, a famous visual artist, it was established in 2018. The current members are his former students and graduates from Calbayog Arts and Design School of Eastern Visayas (CADSEV). The organization was created to support and nurture visual artists in continuing their passion for their craft. The term “Baghid”, is a Waray term for stroke, which represents an action usually done when writing, drawing, and painting. It symbolizes the direction which is one of the advocacies of the organization, “Creating a path for young and aspiring artists to explore, create and be exposed in the art industry“. The organization had held multiple art exhibits and its members have won various awards in various art competitions.

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